I am making this video to say hi to my viewers and listeners in China and also to wish them Happy New Year. I was prompted to do so by Ms Meng Jie Ma, a Chinese student studying in Germany, who has worked diligently to translate and subtitle a number of my videos

I’ve placed links to those in the description of this video Meng Jie has also organized a number of people to work on the translations They have a group on Weibo, which I have linked to in the description Thanks, Meng Jie much appreciated.

I would also like to announce that my new book “12 rules for life” will be translated into Chinese and published by Beijing Cheers books. I don’t know the publication date yet, but I will let everyone know as soon as I do. Links to the publisher are also in the description.

I am extremely pleased to hear that my lectures are finding an audience in China and Happy New Year to everyone there. Bye, for now.