The Bible is a series of books written edited and assembled over thousands of years It contains the most influential stories of mankind

Knowledge of these stories is essential to a deep understanding of western Culture, which is in turn vital to proper psychological health

(as human beings are cultural animals ) and societal stability. These stories are neither history, as we commonly conceived it, nor empirical science. Instead they are investigations into the structure of Being itself and calls to action within that Being.

They have deep psychological significance Hi, everyone. I just wanted to make a quick video to remind everyone or let everybody who’s watching know that I’m

Starting my series on the stories of the Bible. The psychological significance of the stories on the Bible, on Tuesday May 16th, at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Downtown Toronto, I’ll put the address and everything at the bottom of the video in the description

I want to delve into the biblical stories from a psychological perspective And I wanted to do it for a long time and have done it in part in my maps of meaning series But the biblical stories are What, they’re canonical in relationship to the rest of our culture.

it’s very difficult to understand western civilization itself unless, you’re grounded in the biblical stories. They are like a precondition for knowledge of the humanities and a knowledge of history for that matter and so I want to improve my understanding of them, and share what I’m able to figure out with everybody that I can, and so

I wanted to just make a quick video to let everyone know that I’m going to run a 12-week series, about two hours lecture per week Starting May 16th and running till approximately mid-august. pretty much every week except a couple where I couldn’t get the theater.

It’s pretty nice theater so that would be good. I’d also like to let everybody know that the videos will be taped Thanks to my patreon subscribers, and put on YouTube probably within a week or two after I initially show them As soon as we can get them edited and all of that, so

Anyways - there’s still season tickets left That’s the tickets that will allow you entrance to all of the lectures, and there are individual tickets left for each lecture as well And you can get those at but as I said I’ll put all the instructions and the details in the description of the video below, so tune in on YouTube if you’re inclined to and if you’re in Toronto

And you’d like to see them live then come down and see them live it should be really interesting I hope that’s the plan anyways, so, thanks a lot and hopefully we’ll see you there otherwise Well, you’ll see them on YouTube, and that’s good, too. Thanks a lot bye-bye