Then the memes came and then a day later kind of took a joyless turn. Yeah yesterday and today right now

Yeah, well it’s amazing well, so here’s the strange thing hey, so I kind of played let’s say knight on white horse and so the Guardian yesterday published a Astoundingly reprehensible article -

About your book? No, about the Channel 4 interview. No, they’ve done some nice interviews about my book so they’ve been kind of all over the place with me you know but the Channel 4 people claim that Kathy has been targeted with threats, you know?

A torrent of online abuse by internet trolls, it’s like 50,000 trolls. You know that’s a lot of trolls You might start thinking maybe they’re not all trolls, but in any case overwhelmed by misogynistic abuse and threats and that they had called in a security specialist to assess the level of threat and so

It was the beginning of the attempt to twist the story around so that the story became: Kathy Newman - poor embattled Channel 4 newscaster was merely trying to do her job even though she might have been a bit provocative interviewed alt-right hero Dr. Jordan Peterson in an honest manner to to expose his agenda, posted the results to YouTube and was immediately mobbed by his army of

Internet trolls right so she went from - so, my sense is she went from journalist playing a variety of complicated games to target of criticism online to heroine embattled heroine in the panoply of martyrs to whom similar things have happened in the past and what’s terrible about it -

So, and I inadvertently I would say contributed to that because when the Guardian story came out I read it and the story purported to be about the threats that she had received but really this story because the story opened with the description of me and the description was let’s call it far from flattery you know, it was the same old thing: Dr. Peterson, he’s a provocateur. He has an army of trolls if anybody ever dares to challenge him, let’s say, I know all they’re doing is honestly charging the trolls come out and then they have to fear for their lives, and that was that was the story

(that’s the narrative now) the threat that threats were just the prerequisite for the story, and then yeah like a dozen UK news media sources that the newspapers in particular have picked us this up some even more critical of me than that some in a slightly more balanced fashion but and see when the Guardian story broke I tweeted something

I said look if you’re– I’ve looked at the tweet too are they? YouTube comments and most of the more merely criticism, but if you’re threatening her well, stop, you know, because we had an exchange of words, which is what we’re supposed to do.

I think this message to your followers was one of the most liked tweet you ever put out. - Yeah, but here’s the terrible thing about it. You know, what happened was that the fact that I tweeted that was instantly used as validation for the claim that there were threats and that was just yeah

That’s what happened and see it’s weird because when I wrote that I thought Was part of me that thought that thought that that might happen there was a little warning bell that went off that said look you know There’s no evidence that these threats are credible, and if you respond by asking people to back off

You’re also implying that there are people who who should back off that this is real, and I thought no I’m gonna do it anyways because She has been targeted She has been subject to a very large number of very vitriolic comments

And maybe that’s enough and so you know it’s okay to come out say that’s enough But the thing it wasn’t okay because as soon as I did it Then the fact that I did it was Used as proof that all of these claims were valid and now that just floored me like I was very

Distraught, I think is the right word about that this morning because I didn’t I didn’t see that coming >Then were there threats against her have you seen them >define threat fresh suffice There’s no threats that were sufficient to get the police involved